About Me

Why I do what I do

Although there are a lot of adults in the Kidlit environment, it is the kids who are on the receiving end. I feel so fortunate, because as I tutor, I’m surrounded by those young readers every single day!

I share picture books with my students, but also early readers and early graphic novels. There are so many books and authors to love!

For me, writing is a challenge—I get stuck often. But it’s also something I enjoy. I am a member of an energetic critique group, participate in 12×12 PB Challenge, and The Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. The Loft Literary Center is my favorite source of fabulous classes and instructors.

After going through the training required to be a Minnesota Master Naturalist in the summer of 2022, I find that many of my drafts and manuscripts center around STEM themes.

Robin Wall Kimmerer reminds us that on average, children recognize 100 corporate logos and only 10 plants. My goal is to help young readers to look..to pay attention to the amazing natural world around them.